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Launchpad Live

Originally a response for COVID-19 social distancing, Launchpad Live quickly became our central hub for everything innovation. Our extensive collection of resources is regularly updated with industry insights and practical workshops from entrepreneurial experts and thought leaders.

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Legals for startups:

Launchpad 2020 Workshop

IP Assignment. Term Sheets. SEIS Compliance. 🧐

There are many legal considerations that can help protect you as a founder and your fledgling venture. Join us on 29 April for a crash course with SeedLegals.

The session will be facilitated by Isabella Ghassemi-Smith, Ecosystem Manager for SeedLegals. Isabella will share insights into:

- Navigating the new normal from a legal perspective

- Getting investment-ready via term sheet considerations

- Assessing eligibility for the UK's Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)


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